Greece is very popular among investors due to the many investment options it provides to them that suit their desires and needs. Each city in Greece, including many of its islands, differs in terms of investment opportunities and various options for buying Real Estate in terms of prices and the expected profit rate from investment in addition to the different services These cities offer, the latest research conducted by real estate experts revealed the top five cities that offer you the best investment opportunities in the real estate market in Greece, in addition to the best areas that give you the highest percentage of return that can be achieved from your investment in 2022, which came as follows :

  1. Athens

Athens was ranked as the second best city for Real Estate Investment in a list included 17 cities in Europe for this year. Competitive real estate prices are among the reasons why investors buy a house in Athens, where the average price of a new construction furnished apartment with a living room and two bedrooms is around 250 thousand Euros. Athens offers a rich cultural environment that has a perfect blend of past and present, in addition to its location and connection with the rest of Europe, which makes it an ideal destination for tourism and provides an affordable lifestyle due to its cost of living, advanced transport network and modern Infrastructure.

  1. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest, most popular and populous city in Greece. It is the preferred destination for those wishing to obtain permanent residence in Greece, and housing prices here are significantly lower than in Athens, where the price of two-bedroom apartments ranges between 150-200 thousand Euros. Thessaloniki is suitable not only for rest seekers, but also for families with children, as this city has many educational institutions, including Aristotle University, and this city regularly hosts international fairs, festivals and cultural events, so there is always a lot of diverse entertainment.

  1. Chalkidiki

This city is very popular, especially with tourists, and is famous for many resorts scattered near its sandy beaches surrounded by pine forests. Real estate in Chalkidiki is more expensive than in Thessaloniki, One-room apartments on the coast will cost 50-70 thousand Euros.

  1. Larissa

Larissa is located 120 km southwest of Thessaloniki, and 70 km from it is the international airport,  Larissa is considered a center of tourism that attracts tourists due to its moderate climate and natural landscapes, as well as its low cost of living, and it has advanced means of transport linking it with a number of European countries. Real estate prices in Larissa, mainly for a property of 3-4 rooms, range between 150 and 200 thousand Euros, and you can find apartments at 450 euros per square meter in the city center.

  1. Crete

Life in Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is very different from the rest of the Greek cities, due to the fact that the island’s economy depends almost entirely on tourism. The infrastructure available in Crete and its sea resorts, wonderful hotels and beautiful nature have made the island a destination for buying real estate in it. The majority is English-speaking in Crete, and property prices in Crete start from 1,150 Euros per square metre.

Regarding the best areas that provide you with investment opportunities that bring you the largest possible return on investment ( ROI), Chalkidiki came at the top of the list as one of the most developed regions in Greece, where investment can achieve a return of up to 21.3%, followed by Florina, located On the northern border in Greece that gives you the second highest payout of 11.7%, while Karditsa in the heart of the country currently offers an average return of 10%. The city of Kozani (9.3%) while Larissa, Cyclades, Magnesia, Aetolia and Akarnania came as one of the strongest cities that gives the best return for those looking to invest in the Greek real estate market (8%).