Spain is a very popular destination for real estate investors from outside the country, who constitute a high percentage of 20% of all investors, and that is due to its natural beauty and the variety of real estate options it offers in various regions, and the average financial return from real estate investment in Spain is 10%, which places it Within the range of countries that have the highest revenues compared to other big European countries. The following is a list of the best regions that witness a promising future for real estate investment opportunities for those interested.

  1. Valencia

Valencia ranked first in the list of preferred regions for investment in Spain thanks to its location on the beach and its popularity with tourists. Valencia has the largest number of blue flag beaches in Spain, which is an international certificate for beaches that meet standards of safety, cleanliness, and environmental awareness, Valencia is also characterized by a rich cultural heritage, as it is a Coastal area containing a list of what foreign investors are looking for in holidays, and Valencia witnessed an increase in real estate sales to 16.7% on an annual basis, with a number of 29,490 transactions for various types of investments, 28.9% of which were made by investors from outside the country, at a rate of one in three of The sales were to International investors, and that is due to the appropriate real estate prices, the favorable climate in the country, living near services and entertainment centers, the developed infrastructure, and the most important thing is the labor market that offers many vacancies for investors. The average cost per square meter for residential properties was 1,245 Euros, with a financial return on investment of 5.9%.

  1. Andalusia 

Andalusia is one of the best places to invest in real estate in Spain, located on the southern coast of Spain, and enjoys a great fame as one of the most important tourist sites in Spain since the early 1950s, and now ranks second in the list of most popular destinations. One of the biggest attractions in Andalusia, which makes it a popular area for investing in real estate, is that the region enjoys 300 days of bright sunshine every year in addition to many tourist attractions, as Andalusia received more than 12 million tourists from different countries which contributed to an increase in sales And real estate rents that reached 18,363 transactions, 18% of which were by investors of different nationalities. Andalusia witnessed a high financial return that exceeded 6%. One of the most famous cities of Andalusia for real estate investment is Costa del Sol, which enjoys a well-known reputation as an ideal vacation spot that came from the fame of its long beaches, many of which are marked with blue flags, and for those looking for an urban lifestyle, other cities such as Seville and Malaga also have a high level of services, markets, and arts and culture centers.

  1. Catalonia

Catalonia is located in the northeastern part of Spain, and it is a popular destination for holidays, relocation, and investment, as it is one of the main tourist destinations and a place for many vital and economically developed institutions in Spain. Catalonia attracts many citizens to settle and live in because of its ability to attract tourists, its developed infrastructure, and good transportation, in addition to its prestigious universities and high-quality healthcare institutions. The most popular area in Catalonia for real estate investment is the city of “Costa Brava”. This region is especially popular among those who want to buy real estate in Spain, where you will find the picturesque nature, the right climate, and the famous sandy beaches of the Costa Brava. Many interesting options can also be found in Barcelona, ​​of which the financial return reached more than 8%, as the demand for real estate increases in the southern part of Catalonia, as the region witnessed more than 15,775 transactions of various types of real estate recently, 15.5% of which are from investors from outside the state.

  1. Madrid

Madrid is one of the most popular destinations for local and international real estate investors, not only because it is one of the most important European capitals in terms of urban development, but also because of its high economic level and the quality of life it offers to its citizens. This makes Madrid attractive not only to entrepreneurship, but also to people looking to make a profit from an investment, enjoy the city’s culture, and try the food, in addition to practicing various types of sports, as it is home to two of the largest football clubs in the world: Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, & according to studies in 2021 for the real estate market in Madrid, as it has the largest residential market in Spain so far, Madrid ranks seventh in Europe with a financial return of up to 3.9% and offers one of the best opportunities in Spain.

  1. Alicante

Located in the southeast of Spain, Alicante boasts beautiful beaches, a year-round climate, and more than 200 miles of coastline, Alicante is the most popular place for investors, making it one of the best places in Spain to invest in a property if you want to be surrounded by a vibrant community. With 43% of home sales taking place in Alicante each year, 15% of the area’s residents are international investors. Alicante, whose name translates to the City of Lights, is a suitable choice for those interested in real estate investment because of the many features it provides, from a luxurious lifestyle and rich cultural heritage, world-class entertainment facilities, many golf courses, and water sports centers, and the region enjoys excellent transportation links with the United Kingdom It made moving and traveling easy. Properties in Alicante have a price of around 1,367 Euros per square meter and have one of the best rental yields in Europe at 4.6%.

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