Greece has made remarkable progress in restoring its economic stability in recent years. According to recent official statistics, Greece’s economy ranks 81st in terms of gross domestic product, which amounts to $307 billion USD. In addition, Greece is one of the 15 most powerful economies in the European Union consisting of 27 members, and the Greek economy was classified as an advanced and strong economy that is based on the services sector, industrial and agricultural sectors, and the tourism sector, Greece also offers investment opportunities that have made it very popular among investors looking to improve the lives of their families in addition to the availability of job opportunities that will bring positive results on their investments.

Among the economic support plans provided by the Greek government is its launch of the Greece Golden Visa Program in 2013, as the program provides the opportunity for investors and their eligible family members to obtain permanent residence in Greece, and according to the laws related to the golden visa, Investors wishing to apply for the program must make an investment in the real estate sector in Greece (apartment, house, shop, plot of land or a group of real estate assets) with a value of at least 250,000 Euros to obtain residency, and they are required to maintain ownership of the purchased property to renew residency. The program is one of the strongest programs in European countries, and it has witnessed a great demand from a number of Arab countries, where the number of visa holders last year in Lebanon reached 304 visas, 250 from Egypt, 135 from Iraq, and 86 visas from Jordan.

The program offers many benefits and advantages for those interested, so that the investor and his family members obtain the right to reside in Greece, social benefits and education rights for the permanent residency holders, in addition to the advantage of freedom of movement between all Schengen countries for all family members. A return on investment can be achieved by renting the property that Owned by the investor as Greece has the lowest property transfer tax in Europe, and this program entitles you to obtain a Greek passport if you meet the conditions, which is ranked ninth according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, allowing you to enter 184 destinations around the world without a visa or visa on arrival. The golden visa program for Greece witnessed a noticeable increase in the number of recipients for the year 2021, bringing the annual total to 1,035 applications approved, with an increase of 10.3%. These statistics put the golden visa of Greece at the top of the list as one of the best programs in addition to Portugal, Cyprus and Spain with the largest number Approved applications.